Alliance Medical and Kerry GAA team up with Diagnostic Partnership

Kerry GAA warms up for Galway clash by signing sponsorship partnership with Alliance Medical for quick access to their MRI Scans and diagnostic examinations

Kerry GAA have warmed up for Sunday’s eagerly awaited All-Ireland senior football quarter final clash with Galway by signing a three year sponsorship deal with Alliance Medical for quick access to the company’s diagnostic MRIs scans and any diagnositic examinations such as X-ray.

Alliance Medical is Ireland’s largest provider of diagnostic scans – with units in 19 centres around the country – will come on board as an Associate Partner, giving quick access to MRI’s and other scans to all Kerry GAA Teams in Kerry and at locations where Kerry players are based outside the County.

The partnership, which will also involve a financial contribution from Alliance Medical to Kerry GAA, was launched at the company’s facility at the Bon Secours in Tralee and attended by Kerry Co. Board officials as well as star midfielder David Moran. It will, CEO of Alliance Medical Malcolm Banks said, give the type of immediate access required by a sports organisation operating at the top of its tree like Kerry GAA.

“The GAA may be an amateur organisation but the standards and expectations in Kerry are far from amateurish. They treat their players no different than professional sports organisations do, including when it comes to medical matters.  They want their players fit and on the field so when injuries happen, they want to know what it is, how bad it is and they need that information quickly. We provide that.

“As an organisation, we’re embedded in Kerry and you’re not long here when you realise that the GAA is more than sport. So we’re delighted to sign up for this and give something back to a county where we have a significant investment.”

Said David Moran, “The key for any athlete is to keep injury free for as much of the season as possible. But injuries do happen and it’s great in Kerry that we have such world class technology and diagnostics with Alliance Medical on our doorstep and with such quick access and speedy reports.”

Alliance Medical and Kerry GAA team up with Diagnostic Partnership

“Personally I was in here in April after the league final. I hurt my knee again and I came here and got a very quick diagnosis.  That’s what I wanted and, as a result, I was able to find out all I needed to quickly and begin recovery.  It’s a real boost for us to have this level of access to world class diagnostics.”

Said Barry O’Grady, Business Development Specialist for Alliance Medical and former Kerry underage player, “Coming from Kerry where there is a huge GAA tradition, sport is a huge part of who we are and what we do.  Alliance has been here for 13 years and has developed a relationship with Kerry GAA that now sees us formally align with this sponsorship. They are training and preparing at a very high level and we ensure that they have they have the highest of standards for getting quick diagnosis that are available anywhere else in the country.”

Said Peter Twiss, Secretary Kerry County Board:  “This is an important partnership for us. Kerry teams play at very competitive levels so it’s important that our teams are fit and ready for when the big games come around.  It’s a real boost to have these services available in Kerry but also around the country where Kerry players work now or may work in the future. The speed and accuracy of the diagnosis is key and Alliance gives us that.”